TrainLink API

This is the website for the TrainLink project. Find out more about the project, how to use it and the API!

Welcome to the TrainLink website. TrainLink is a brand new technology that allows throttles and other software to communicate with DCC controllers over a WiFi or LAN. This gives users flexibility over how they use their model railways.

TrainLink is fully open source under the GNU GPL v3 license. What this means is you can use the provided TrainLink code for anything you want, including commercial use, as long as you use the same license (GNU GPL v3). This license has been chosen as it encourages developers to contribute back to the open source communtiy.

What hardware is supported?

Currently, TrainLink supports all of the DCC++ versions (CommandStation EX, Classic, DCC++ EX, ), but is recommended to use CommandStation EX.

The reason these are the only ones supported is simple, the way to communicate with them is open source. If you know of another open-source DCC base station, please open an issue on GitHub and we wil try and support it.

What throttles are available?

At the moment, the only knowen throttle is the demo page provided with the client library, but work is going on to make a better, fully-featured web based throttle, as well as a hardware throttle based on the ESP32. This will allow the throttle to connect wirelessly, and multiple throttles can be used at once without any problems!

Where next?

If you just want to make use of TrainLink as it is used in software you are using, head to Using TrainLink.
If you want to develop software using TrainLink, head to Developing with TrainLink.